Thank you for your online purchase!  I will contact you within 4 business days to set up our telephone conference.  To get the most out of our conversation, I recommend that you send me a detailed email explaining your question and your situation several days before our scheduled conversation.  That way I have a little time to research your subject and/or think it through carefully.  

My normal hourly rate is $200.00 per hour.  I am able to keep it at this lower-than-average rate because I maintain low overhead costs and a fairly simple lifestyle.  If our conversation and/or your legal needs exceed the amount of time you pre-paid for then I will bill you for the remainder at my normal hourly rate.  By accepting this deal, you agree to be billed for any time over the amount of time for which you prepaid.  If you do not accept this obligation then please inform me and I will refund your pre-payment.  

Refunds:  I will give you a full refund if your question is outside my areas of expertise.  I do not give refunds for scheduling conflicts, eventually we should be able to work out a date.  I do not give refunds if you miss our telephone call so make sure that your telephone is in working order and that you are free of distractions.

I am looking forward to speaking with you!  If you have any questions about this deal please contact me.  Also, feel free to browse this website.  There are lots of links on the Welcome page which will interest you.