I like to help people put their legal affairs in order.  People who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender have unique legal needs and I make it my business to keep up with the latest changes to the law.  Here are some samples of things I can help with:

  • Legally change your gender and/or name.  (Or, if you’d like to do it yourself you might want to check out my how-to blog post.)  
  • Decide if a Domestic Partnership or a Marriage is right for your situation.
  • Craft a domestic partnership agreement or a pre-marital agreement that fits your individual needs.
  • Prepare an estate plan that fits your family.
  • Prepare a Known Donor Agreement or Surrogate Agreement for those of you who need help to conceive a child 
  • Prepare documents that allow one parent to travel with their child without the other parent.
  • Prepare a separation or dissolution agreement.

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