Cannabis Business

Roxanne grew up in rural Humboldt County and has been paying attention to the culture and laws surrounding cannabis for a very, very long time. She has been quietly advising her clients in this area her entire legal career. You can't get that kind of insight from books or continuing legal education seminars.

Our basic entity formation package includes the following:

  • Filing Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State to create a California Consumer Cooperative corporation.
  • Creation of corporate Bylaws compliant with the California Corporations Code (Sections 12200-12704).
  • Perfection of the Organization of the cooperative through appointing the first board of directors and preparing the Minutes of the First Meeting of the Board of Directors.
  • Preparation of Cooperative Membership Application Agreements in line with the Attorney General’s Guidelines.
  • Preparation of Member Disclosure Documents as required by the Corporation’s Code.
  • Minute Book, Corporate Seal, and Membership Certificates.
  • Filing of the First biennial Statement of Information (Domestic Nonprofit, Credit Union and Consumer Cooperative Corporations).
  • Advice concerning acceptance of members and verification of member qualification under the MMP.

We do not offer tax advice of any kind. Our clients are advised to seek the advice of a qualified Certified Public Accountant familiar with the operation of non-profit business entities, and to adopt good bookkeeping practices.