Parents Estate Planning Package

The Parents Package is designed to help parents plan for keeping their children safe if anything happens to them.  This page is for couples, if you are raising the child individually, call us and we can set up a pack tailored to your needs. 

A Parents Pack includes Two Wills, Two Advanced Health Care Directives (Living Will) and a Guardianship Agreement. 

Please note that it does not include a trust and is not intended to avoid probate.


How much does a Parents Pack cost?

$550.00 for the Helping Hand Service
The Helping Hand Service provides our clients with an opportunity to reduce the cost by handling more of the responsibility.  We provide the statutory forms and instructions, review your documents and help with questions. 

$750.00 for our Premium Service.  
The Premium Service is the traditional law firm service.  We will interview you and prepare your documents.

Why are these legal services important?

1.  Two Wills. Updating both of your wills is important when you get married because if you  do not mention someone in your family in your will, that person can challenge the validity of your will.  Therefore, any time your family structure changes, it is a good idea to update your will.  This is true if you get married, have a child, someone dies, or you get a divorce.

2.  Two Advanced Health Care Directives (Living Will).  It is generally prudent to check in with your health care agent and make any revisions to your Advance Health Care Directive when you are experiencing any new medical conditions or concerns.   

3.  A Guardianship Agreement. Guardianship agreements give you a voice in choosing who should raise your children should anything happen to you.

How do I order?

We accept:
(1)  credit cards,
(2)  checks
(3)  money orders
(4)  payment plans (contact us for details).
(5) PayPal

Order by Email

Send an email and let us know: 

1.  What pack you would like to order (Parents Pack)

2.  What service level you would prefer  (Helping Hand or Premium)

3.  How you would like us to contact you back (phone or email)

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